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Answer each of the 5 questions listed below.Each answershould be at least 200 words using APA style and for each answer there is a requirement to use at least 2 sources material for your response and include the refrences at the end. All sources used, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.Question #1 Consider an office environment with which you are familiar. Over the past decade, what changes in the way the office operates (including communication, document preparation, and scheduling meetings) have been brought about by office automation? Why do you think these changes have occurred? Have they been technology-driven or people-driven, or both? Question#2: What are the distinguishing characteristics of an executive information system (EIS)? Why have these systems become a part of business intelligence in many companies?Question#3: Describe two examples of expert systems that are being used to assist in decision making. You may use examples from the textbook or other examples you have read about or heard about.Question#4: Payroll and order entry are types of transaction processing systems. Are these systems likely to be batch, online, or some hybrid of the two? Why or why not?Question #5: Differentiate between a two-tier client/server system and a three-tier client/server system. Why would a firm choose one of these approaches over the other when implementing a client/server system?

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