Middle sexes

Directions: Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to write in complete sentences.

Middle Sexes

  1. The parents, who are letting their son dress as a girl, decorate the room like a girl, etc. are they being neglectful to him in any way? Explain your reasoning.
  2. Explain how you feel Max’s life may have been different if he…

a.) Would have been raised as intersexed and then allowed to make his choice.

b.) Would have been raised as a boy instead of a girl.

  1. In India a person who is a Hijra is limited to begging or providing sexual acts for money. Knowing this is their only choice, why do you think so many of them come out still and make the change? Provide support or reasoning in your response.
  2. Write a ½ page response (2-3 paragraphs) to the following. Take a stance on Transgender being an issue of the genes not developing correctly or as a person’s choice to become “that way”. Use information from the video to support your answer.
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