Middle East Jacksonville University Description of Areas Paper

Use Google Maps (satellite view) or Google Earth and take a look at a town called Al Wafra (of plentiful) along the Kuwait-Saudi border about 25 miles west of the Persian Gulf. The image is pretty clear up to a scale of 200 ft. Describe what you see in the town, in the oil field (to the west), and the surrounding areas. Describe what you see when you cross the border into Saudi Arabia (south). Move to the Northeast and zoom in to examine the Al Khiran resort area (of all good). What do you see there? You may also use the street view photos to help you picture the areas in your mind and describe them. Your description of these areas should be 200 words minimum and address these questions.

Now pick any area that might be of interest to you in Qatar or Bahrain. Examine the map (satellite view) and any accompanying photos to help provide a description of that area (200 words minimum). Pay attention to the scale bar on the bottom right hand corner of the map display. The area you describe cannot have a scale bar greater than one mile. Use the Print Screen feature on your keyboard to capture an image of your map, and copy it to your Word file with your description. (See example below) You will be graded on the accuracy of your description and how interesting your instructor finds your selection.

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