Micro-fluidics applications in liquid-liquid extraction

I need a literature review on Micro-fluidics applications in liquid-liquid extraction which should be consist the five below chapters.
1. Introduction1.1 Liquid-liquid Extraction (LLE)1.2 Purification using LLE1.3 Process involving LLE1.4 Need for Process Intensification
2. Microfluidics Technology2.1 Application of Microfluidics2.2 Microchannels2.3 Challenges facing the Technology
3. Fluid Flow in Microchannels3.1 Single Phase Flow3.1.1. Hydrodynamics in single phase flow3.2 Multi Phase Flow3.2.1. Gas-Liquid Two Phase Flow3.2.2. Flow Patterns and Pressure Drop
3.2.3. Liquid-Liquid Two Phase Flow3.2.4. Flow Patterns and Pressure Drop4. Modeling and simulation of two phase flow in microchannels5. Ionic liquids applications in microfluidics
note: 30 pages minimum and the review should be in details I mean rich in details figures, tables, and etc…..
Harvard style references

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