MHA598 University of Phoenix Gemba Walk Report

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Complete your Gemba Walk and document your observations.Write a 4- to 6-page report on your observations of your Gemba. Include the following in your report:

Provide a summary of your organization.
Provide context regarding the events and any industry.
Note your Gemba observations.
What was the goal of the Gemba?
What did you observe during your Gemba?
Provide a preliminary analysis of your observations.
Did you observe any opportunities?
Decrease inefficiencies
Reduce waste
Improve a product
Streamline a process
What were the key takeaways?
Who were the individuals you spoke with?
Who are they and what are their responsibilities?
What did you learn from the people who work in the environment you observed?
Detail the composition of your evaluation/interview sheet.
Attach copies of completed evaluation/interview sheets.
List two short-term and one long-term executable project ideas.
How is your employer responding to your project?

Cite any resources you may have used in the Gemba.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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