medication management



Before starting the regimen, you need to develop a medication summary that includes: A) the most likely reason you are taking each medication, B) Any medication interactions C) Special administration instructions D) the actual dosing schedule (when do you plan to take these medication) E) rationales for timing decisions. You may use any format (a table, pre-printed card, etc.) to develop a medication schedule. I need to see this schedule prior to you starting the regimen to receive points in this section.

List of medication

Acetaminophen 500mg. take 1 capsule by mouth twice daily.

Simvastatin 10mg tabs. Take 1 tablet by mouth.

Senokot 8.6mg tabs, take 1tablet by mouth twice daily.

Captoril 25 mg tabs, take 1 tablet by mouth twice daily.

Furosemide 40mg tabs, take 1 tablet by mouth daily 

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