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Use APA for all references:
Now that we have explored the concept of Medical Staff Bylaws, now is the time to put your new found knowledge and skills to the test. Using the internet, locate a copy of the most recent Medical Staff Bylaws of a local acute care facility within your area. In today’s technological driven society, the majority of healthcare facilities make available to the public a copy of the governing doctrine aka Medical Staff Bylaws. Once you have successfully obtained a copy of an acute care facility Medical Staff Bylaws, please review the doctrine in order to address the following:
1. State the Name of the selected facility.
2. Summarize the purpose and responsibility of the facility’s Medical Staff.
3. What year was the latest revision completed?
4. Who has the authority to suspend and/or restrict all or any portion of the clinical privileges of a physician? What is the process required to suspend and/or restrict the clinical privileges of a physician?
5. Are members appointed or elected to serve as officers of the Medical Staff? If so, share the eligibility requirements and the length of term. List the position titles.
6. How are departments and/or specialty divisions formed within the facility, according to the Medical Staff Bylaws? Summarize the overall purpose/function of a department according to the Medical Staff Bylaws (clinical, administrative, patient safety and education).
7. Does the Medical Staff Bylaws address requirements to timeline to complete medical documents? If so, please explain. For example, does the doctrine specify who is responsible for completing the History & Physical (H&P) and what is the specified time frame to complete the document to include within the patient health record.
8. In all, how many committees exist according to the Medical Staff Bylaws. List the name of at least three committees. From your interpretation and knowledge acquired thus far, provide a brief 1-2 sentence description of each of the identified three committees.
9. Discuss the credential verification process?
10. Finally, what is your take away from this exercise. How helpful was this exercise as it relates to furthering your understanding of the Medical Staff within a healthcare facility?
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