MED the Book Thief and The Narrative of The Life of Fredrick Douglas, an American Slave

Write an essay reflecting on a certain theme or central message of the story: Compare and Contrast “The Book Thief” with “The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas, an American Slave” Think about the main characters in both books and the essay MUST answer the following questions:

1. What is the author’s point of view for each book?

2. How would each book change if the author used a different perspective?

3. Which point of view did you find most appealing?

4. Was one author’s point of view more believable than the other?

5. Did either author use rhetoric to influence the reader? If so, be sure to explain. Provide specific examples from each book to support your thesis.

Structure to the essay:

Intro- include the title, the author, the central question, and the thesis or position you will take in the essay

Summarize the plot of the book in one paragraph (Fredrick Douglas)

Body of essay

Conclusion- sum up the main points in the essay

Essay must be 2-3 pages

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