Martinez Page 1Melissa M. MartinezThomas Edison State

Martinez Page 1Melissa M. MartinezThomas Edison State CollegeSOS110Workshop Title: “Professional Wisdom for Promoting your Sales”Presenters:Melissa Martinez (Contact Person)Training DepartmentUPS700 E. Drive, Suite 100Greenville, SC 29615Phone: +864-213-****Fax: +864-213-****m**********@ups.comAbstract: This face-to-face workshop introduces new hires to Inside Sales Training. Wepresent hands on techniques and advice for initiating the best sales. Participantsreceive handouts describing techniques, worksheets for designing new techniques, andcopies of written recommendations. The workshop proceeds in three sessions in whichwe: present one technique (such as visual); practice in hands- on; and critique in smallrole-play groups.Intended audience: UPS candidates, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors.Presenter Biography:Melissa started at UPS as a receptionist/administrative assistant at UPS. Since then,she has introduced new and inventive ways that are faster, easier, and more efficient forthe company as a whole. Some examples of Melissaâ€s work include but not limited toimplementing bookmarking UPS client contracts and changing the documentationprocess of Inside Sales Representatives to a one-step process, Creating Accessdatabases from scratch to generate reports by a click of a button into Excelspreadsheets, Surveys for New Hire Orientation along with Supply Chain Organization.Melissa has also trained multiple Sales Representative with the tech savvy skillsneeded to do their job.Materials provided: Each participant receives both a paper and electronic copy of (1)detailed handouts to be used during the lecture portions of the workshop, (2)descriptions of the teaching techniques that will be presented written as we will teachparticipants to role-play techniques, (3) scenarios and questions used during the smallgroup critique portions of the session, and (4) the Participants will also receive extratraining in a small team setting to gain more knowledge, confidence and help they needto be successful in their role as an Inside Sales Representative.Martinez Page 2Rough AgendaThe two-day Wisdom program, reps learn how to:1.2.Operate as a “trusted partner†vs. a hunter who kills things.Discover the total opportunity vs. focusing on questions that lead or trap thecustomer.3.Sell a holistic solution and change beliefs vs. delivering a canned presentation.4.Advance the opportunity by delivering tangible value to the Decision-Maker.5.Cut through the clutter by creating a Unique Positioning Strategy6.Find a path to the Decision-Maker by developing a Relational Map7.Quickly filter through prospects to ensure a strategic approach8.Once you have clientele, stay in by providing value.Skills:A.B.C.D.Find out who has the real influence, regardless of titleGet past the “big four†main barriersEngage even the most resistant Decision-MakersEngage in role-play and get one on one coaching to improve sales andcommission incentives.Unique Is StandardUPS organization is unique. The responsibilities of different reps are unique. Therefore,we make the program unique. We develop workshops that fit different types of salesroles (such as inside vs. outside, prospecting in complex vs. non-complexorganizations), but we will also identify the specific sales challenges and developcustom simulations around sales representative solutions for success.Audio/Visual and Computer requirements: Ideally, participants will have wirelessinternet access and laptop power at each seat. We will also need a digital projector (forpresenters) and a flipchart with pens (for publicly recording small-group critiques).Windows and Mac laptops are supported. Laptop required: all participants will need alaptop for hands on assignments and online testing their skills.(These will provided byour IT department.Martinez Page 3Enrollment restrictions: Enrollment must be limited to 20-25, as we have materialsand seating for up to five teams of five.The same skills and competencies that are required to be effective in a Field Sales roleare essential to success for Inside Sales Reps. But in addition to that shared skill set;Inside Reps face unique challenges that make specialized training a must.UPS has created an inside sales training program that not only maximizes one’s abilityto meet the needs of their existing customers, but paves the way to powerfully andprofitably engage new prospects.

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