Marine Corps University Development of New Training Programs Essay

Thesis statement: To successfully prepare and win battles against the irregular threats and traditional warfare, organizational, programmatic, and operational adjustments must take place in order to facilitate the Marine Corps success in the future.

Organizational: MAGTF restructuring to smaller skilled team through training and education.

Programmatic: Development of new training programs in order to develop a specialized core team of irregular warfare war fighters.

Operational: Development of a conventional warfare cadre of about 45000.

The Essay should answer the educational objectives. See below.

Educational Objectives

  • Identify and discuss the various challenges that irregular threats present to the MAGTF.
  • Identify and discuss the five activities or operations that are undertaken in sequence, in parallel, or in blended form in a coherent campaign to counter irregular threats.
  • Identify and discuss the various means used to counter irregular threats.
  • Discuss whether Marine Corps maneuver warfare doctrine prepares Marines for fighting and winning an irregular war.

Proper citations MUST be done.

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