Make a paper airplane or an origami figure that requires a minimum of 8 folds, English homework help

Prompt: Make a paper airplane or an origami figure that requires a minimum of 8 folds, then design and write a set of instructions for how to construct that paper airplane or origami figure. In order to distinguish your design from others, you can get as unique or elaborate as you want (for example, including color or visual designs on your plane, incorporating a paper clip or other elements, etc.). In addition to the actual step-by-step directions, please include document elements that technical instructions require such as a title, a picture or image of the end state (so the audience has a visual to actively work towards), date of publication, byline, list of required materials/tools, visual support, etc. You are required to compose the directions yourself and to create original supporting materials.

If you can, give your instructions to someone and have them test the usability and readability. Any troubles they have in following your instructions will most likely point you any flaws in phrasing, order, clarity, visual support, etc. Remember that a user cannot ask the writer of instructions any questions, so the person who tests the usability of your instructions is limited to the information you have put on the page.

NOTE: All aspects of your assignment must be original and created by you. In the past, some students have simply googled pre-existing directions/visuals and submitted them as their own work. I will be mindful of this as I grade this assignment (see the “Plagiarism and Academic Integrity” portions of the syllabus). To incorporate original graphics or visual support, you can either hand draw them or take pictures with your phone and incorporate the images into your document.

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