Long Term Condition Management Kurien, K (2014), Meeting the

Long Term Condition Management All assignment 1 & 2 3300
Assignment 1
Suggested resources and reading for Assessed discussion 1(these are not the only resources available but they will give you a start)
Suggested resources and reading for Assessed discussion 1 (these are not the only resources available but they will give you a start)
Kurien, K (2014), Meeting the needs of people with long-term conditions’,Primary Health Care, 24, 5, pp. 30-32, CINAHL Complete, EBSCOhost, [Accessed 18 August 2017]
Non academic source
You can access basic information to start you thinking from the Patient info website https://patient.info/health/living-with-a-long-term-condition but please be aware that this is not an academically sound source.
Assignment 2
Suggested resources and reading for Assessed discussion 2(these are not the only resources available but they will give you a start)
Bajorek, Z. Hind, A. Bevan, S (2016) The impact of long term conditions on employment and the wider UK economy The Work Foundation, London [Available http://www.theworkfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/397_The-impact-of-long-term-conditions-on-the-economy.pdf ] [Accessed 18th August 2017]
Campbell, D. (2014) NHS could be ‘overwhelmed’ by people with long-term medical conditions. The Guardian [online https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jan/03/nhs-overwhelmed-long-term-medical-conditions ] [accessed 20th August 2017]
Case study
The choose case study
Maryis 48 years old, married to George and a mother of three teenagers. She works as a teacher in a primary school. She is obese and being treated for hypertension and asthma. She does not exercise very often as she is symptomatic of a hip bursitis that has responded neither to medication nor to physiotherapy. In the last 6 months, she has been bothered by symptoms of perimenopause with frequent hot flushes. She has been offered hormone therapy but she is uncertain about accepting as her mother died from breast cancer 2 years ago.
Write 3,000 words critically discussing issues in health and social care in relation to this person.
Your essay should address the following areas:
1. Concept of Long Term Conditions (LTC’s) (15 marks)
a. What are long term conditions and why are these an issue for health and social care, make specific reference to the long-term conditions that your case is living with.
2. Impact of living with LTC’s
a. Discuss the physical, psychological and educational needs of the case you have selected and critically appraise the impact of living with this on the person, their family and carers (30 marks)
b. Thinking about the case you have selected consider the interpersonal, inter-professional and organisational issues that this person may encounter through their life living with a LTC (10 marks)
3. Management and support
a. Thinking about the person discuss what theories of behavioural change theories are influencing their actions and which might be used to help empower the person to take control of managing their long-term condition (20 marks)
b. Consider different techniques including telehealth care and other assistive technologies that are available and discuss how one of these might be utilised to enhance this person’s life (10 marks)
4. Conclude with evidence-based recommendations about how the person could be supported to self-manage their condition (10 marks)
5. Referencing (5 marks)
a. References are up-to-date and relevant to the chosen case and this assignment

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