Literature Critique for Engineering Economy

I have a literature critique about engineering economy journal.

the journal attached in pdf file.

1- Paper must be typed using Microsoft word, 12pt. font, 1.5 spacing, at least 3-4pgs.

2-The following components should be a part of your paper review


i.Overview of what the paper is about

ii.State the objective of the project or research

iii.State the contribution of the author to the research area (hint: check the literature review)


i.Discuss methods used from the class in your own words.


i.Give a description of the problem the research or project is trying to solve.

d.Key Results

i.Pinpoint the key results of the study you may copy and paste graphs into the document to show what you are discussing.


i.Summarize what you learned from the paper and discuss future work to incorporate for the next project.

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