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Watch the T.O.R.C.H. video series. Describe what each letter (T,O,R,C,H) means






Watch the video: How do I pick a Topic for a Research Project

Then answer the following :

1. What is one thing that should be considered with research reality and why is it important?

Watch the video: Reading Scholarly Articles

Then answer the following:

1. Pick two parts of an article and discuss what important information can be found there.

Directions: In the library, using Academic Search Premiere and PsycArticles (and relevant advanced search options), find five research articles (Not meta-analyses, literature reviews, commentaries, or book reviews) on a topic of interest to you and complete the table below.

APA Reference of Article ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Subjects/Participants used in study ________________________________________________________________________________________

Methods Used ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Summary Of Main findings(2-3) __________________________________________________________________________________________

Article 2

Same directions as above

Article 3

same directions as above

Article 4

same directions as above

Article 5

Same directions as above

I could not copy and paste the template which is fine, I can put all the information in when done. Thank You in Advance

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