Leader in Health Care as a Registered Nurse

1. Introduce leadership and the topic related to leadership styles & characteristics of leaders. 

        a. Introduce the topic of leadership and its importance in healthcare. Includes the purpose of the paper.

2. Describe the following leadership stlyes: 

         a. Authoritative, democratic & laissez-faire

         b. Which do you feel is more effective?

3. Describe the following types of leaders:

         a. Transactional and Transformational

         b. Which do you feel is more effective

4. Leadership Role:

         a. Expound your role as a leader then select which leadership style and type of leader and                their characteristic you will assume in your new role.

         b. What leadership role might you have as a RN?

         c. List day to day you may have in this role.

         d. Why do you feel leadership is important.

5. Conclusion: Summarize the main points from the content of your paper. DO not introduce any new information.


1. Must be 2-3 Pages

2. Use heading to organize the content of your paper

3. A minimum of two scholarly sources

4. Must be in APA format 



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