JUS325 GCU Criminal Trial Essay and Annotated Bibliography

Construct an outline of 400-500 words for an essay in which you describe the procedural steps in a criminal trial. Address the following:

  1. How does one determine whether or not they have standing to appear in criminal court? Once standing is confirmed, how does the court administer pre-trial management procedures such as notice, right to counsel, and whether to terminate the proceedings? Why are these procedures required for the administration of Justice?
  2. Explain what happens during each step of a trial including the purpose each step serves. These steps should include, at a minimum, the following: opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, jury instructions, jury deliberations, rendering a verdict, and sentencing.
  3. Analyze and discuss what possible appellate procedures are in place for a criminal defendant. Explain when an appeal may be a viable option, and when it may not.

Include an Annotated Bibliography section with at least six sources, formatted in APA.

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