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Reading assignment 1 has two parts:

1. Read the two articles on twins (links in this ppt. on slide #4), and answer the corresponding questions (found in this ppt. on slides 5 & 6)

2. Watch the “War on the Weak” (link on slide 7) and answer the corresponding questions (also on slide 7)

*Be sure to review all other ppt. slides in this ppt. for background information on Behavioral Genetics .You can set up this assignment in a Q & A format: Copy and paste each question and type

your answers below. Answers should be written in complete sentences and should be no less than a paragraph in

length (at least 3-4 sentences). One sentence answers will probably lose points. Answers should also be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste things directly from the article. Also, avoid using direct quotes from the article. If you refer to something in the article in your answer, it will be cited in APA style. And, you will have a separate reference page entitled: References (Citation styles can be found on the CSU library website if you are unfamiliar with APA.)

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