In what kind of environment does the person work, assignment help

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Must contact a professional counselor! Informational interviews can be great tools for your clients or students (and you) to use to explore potential career options. For this discussion, summarize your informational interview so your peers can learn from your research. Include the specialization of the person interviewed and summarize the responses to the following questions:

  • In what kind of environment does the person work (school, community center, private practice) and how has that environment affected his or her own career development?
  • How does the interviewee integrate career counseling into his or her practice?
  • What career counseling models does the counselor use in his or her practice (school counselors should consider P-12 comprehensive career development; mental health counselors consider theories and models of clinical mental health counseling)?
  • What inventories or assessments does the person use and how are they integrated into the individual or group career plans?
  • Describe their work with those who are of a different culture or race.
  • What strategies for career development program planning, organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation does the interviewee use?
  • What are the rewards and challenges to the job?
  • What advice did the person have for you as a counselor in training to integrate career counseling into your specialization?
  • How did this informational interview increase your knowledge about integrating career counseling into your specialization?

In your post, please also include any additional, relevant information or insights you gained from your interview.

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