In the workplace,do employees believe that there are

A middle-aged,Hispanic employee reassures an Asian colleague that the quality of her performance does not matter because her work will be accepted regardless of its quality.The Hispanic employee further explains,“It is essential that the organization has specification of minorities working for them”and assures her,“There are only two other minorities be side the two of us working here this year.”
Critically analyze and formulate responses to the following questions:
Affirmative action is detrimental to organizational citizenship; specifically, integrated and cross-functional teams.
1. How does the Asian employee feels when she hears this?2. How should the colleague respond to the other colleague, specified Asian employee to Hispanic employee?3. Should minority employees should be preferentially accepted and maintained,even if their performance is poor?a) research cause of affirmative action.b) research when affirmative action is beneficial to inducing culture change, or prove with research it has a fundamental fallacy.c) If it is beneficial at a given point in cultural change, research when a transition point from it should occur.
5. In the workplace,do employees believe that there are different standards for minority employees?If so,in what ways?6. How would this affect interaction with minority colleagues,if tall? (focus on organizational climate versus culture and effects on organizational citizenship)
7. Provide three ways an effective organization could address this issue.a). Research how organizational citizenship could mitigate this
b). Research trait based assessment and selection of personnel to mitigate aforementioned issues from onset of hiring.
c). research effective race/gender neutral performance assessment effectively carried out in organizations.

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