Improving the Quality of Health Care:What’s Taking So Long,

Improving the Quality of Health Care:What’s Taking So Long?Mark Chassin.Health Affairs.October, 2013.
Transparency & Public Reporting Are Essential for a Safe Health Care System.Lucian Leape.Commonwealth Fund.March 2010 (…)
To Err is Human:Building a Safer Health System.November 1999(pages 1-2)
Crossing the Quality Chasm:A New Health System for the 21st Century.March 2001. (pages 1-2)
Then Write a 5-8 pages as following
·Advocacy Project, Part 2
How has the media addresses your issue. In the realm of public opinion, how is your issue being debated?Describe the ethical issues you see in how the issue is considered
·Evaluate the case of Naomi Smith
Which ethical frameworks are at play in this case?.Assess the judge’s decision. In your view did he follow the law or not? Defend your answer. Consider the provider’s position, if the provider followed the family’s first directives, was there a potential case of negligence?Were the costs in this case avoidable?

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