Ideology and citizenship ( POLITIC US), political science homework help

Part 1: Better understanding your ideology

Follow the web links below and take both of the ideology quizzes. Write an essay describing the results of your quizzes. In your response please state if you agree or disagree with the results of the surveys and if there were inconsistencies in the results why you think this result occurred. Make sure you weave in some of your responses to the survey questions in your answer. Think carefully when reflecting on this one, as you have a (4) page minimum (excluding the graph, title page, etc). Please cut and paste the results from the political compass test in your document (i.e. the grid that marks your political ideology that pops up after the quiz). This is a major writing assignment-take it seriously.

Part 2: Should they let you into the country?
How much do you actually know about American government? Can you pass a citizenship test? For the second part of your writing assignment you must follow the link below and complete the following test online. When you are finished use the print screen function (either the prt scr key on your keyboard or hold the alt key and hit prt scr) and paste the results into the essay. Please provide your personal observations as to whether this is an adequate measure of the fundamentals of U.S. politics and culture.…

I want to do the easy with introduction, body and conclusion.

I am international student. Please do it under international student’s view.

I don’t need too much academic words. Just write it easy to understand please.

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