i need someone who can answer two question in 750 word to 1200?

can you answer this two question in essay with mla format it should include some cite in the essay like 3 or 4

1- Give an example of someone who in your judgment is a very spiritual person precisely because s/he is professedly and actively religious. What are the outstanding qualities of this person?

2- does the religion help to build a safe and sound conflict -free society?

in the first question can you talk about prophet Mohammed

and in the second question can you talk about the islam

i need also a response i will post for you an attachment guidline

You must respond in two- three sentences to at least One Original Post for Full Credit. (15 points) Please review the following Discussion Board Rubric that will be utilized for your Discussion Board Grading. https://health.usf.edu/publichealth/eta/Rubric_Tutorial/~/media/428BC22CD3014080BA987D89684BA05C.ashx

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