I need help ( CLC)

Read the patient scenario in the “Allied Health Community” interactive learning media at http://lc.gcumedia.com/hlt307v/allied-health-community/allied-health-community-v1.1.html

Once  each member of the group is assigned an allied health role, each member must consider and answer the following Key Questions from the perspective of the allied health provider they have been assigned: RN Register Nurse  What knowledge, skills, and approaches must the allied health provider employ in the care of the patient featured in the case study? Who must the allied health provider collaborate with (departments/persons) in order to ensure care is provided correctly and in a timely fashion? What negative outcomes will likely occur if the patient does not receive the care offered by the allied health provider? Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following: 3 slides for content, references with a minimum of three scholarly peer-reviewed references,  title sliddate)

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