HUMTHF205 Los Angeles Valley College Week 1 Early Cinema Clips Discussion

1.) What is the most notable difference between Edison’s Kinetoscope shorts and the Lumiere Brothers’ shorts ? (at least 100 words in length)

2.) George Melies’ A Trip to the Moon is the first film to truly employ special effects. Discuss the special effects and their influence on early and modern films. (at least 100 words in length)

3.) Why do you think Edwin S. Porter’s The Great Train Robbery was so successful? The film basically made the Nickelodeons a success, why do you think that was? (at least 100 words in length)

*** Complete answers to Early Cinema Clips questions must be 300 words (not including the questions themselves). Simple and/or general analysis, excessive plot description, and tangential information MUST NOT be part of your answers otherwise you will lose points.

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