How Shark Fin and Meat is Linked to Alzheimer’s, biology


Biology by definition is the scientific study of life, both past and present. Since biology touches almost every aspect of our lives and it is constantly changing, scientists are constantly studying it all around the world. The goal of this group presentation is to present a current event in biology.
1. Research topic and who and when the discovery was made
2. Rationale– why did your group select this topic and why, is it interesting?
3. Objectives– Describe the research or the study
Is this a new discovery, If not, when was it last studied?
Where did this study take place?
Why is it important to the community?
How can it impact us? –Basically, tell us why it is cool!
Add photos and videos.
4. References Cited- Where did you get this information. Turn in PDF or link.

Must be in a PowerPoint and you must save it on a USB thumb drive (PPT or PPTX format)

“a picture is worth a thousand words”
use big font (min. 18-24 pt)
use “sans-serif” font (e.g., Arial)
limit words (no complete sentences)
stick to a single simple color scheme
Remember to make it enjoyable.

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