How does Las Casas view indigenous Americans?, history homework help

Hello, this is my assignment.

First, you will want to read Give Me Liberty!, Chapter 1: “A New World” and examine the “Native America” Power Point. Then, carefully examine the sources listed on the syllabus (they are all in the Blackboard folder this week. In the future, many will be in Voices of Freedom).

It may be helpful to consider the following:

  • How does Las Casas view indigenous Americans?
  • What forms of violence and exploitation does he describe? How did the Spanish empire justify their actions?
  • This may seem obvious, but who lost freedom(s) during this period? Who gained it?
  • How does Morton view indigenous Americans?
  • How does Smith reflect on the colonization of the United States?

See the attach file: Instruction.pdf for more instruction.

View others attach file for document to read.

The assignment length is around 500-600 words (2pages with double space).

If you have any question, contact me!

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