History midterm

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History midterm

Hi Would you be interested in taking a history midterm for me?

Its 4 essay questions and you have a time limit of 2 hours

the info is regarding below

1.Given the deliberate distortion and misuse of history in 20th and 21st century secular and religious ideology and propaganda, formulate a set of principles to govern historical research and the teaching of history to minimize the risk of ideological distortion and political misuse of history.

2. Given a present-day national or international situation with apparent negative consequences for the future, apply the tools and resources of history to assessing the probable short- and long-term outcomes of the situation and to proposing rational solutions.

3.Given the central role of charismatic leaders in authoritarian movements of the contemporary period, analyze the conditions under which such leaders are most able to mobilize the masses in their respective states.

4.Given the concept of sovereign power and the continuing appeal of nationalism, evaluate the challenges to developing effective collective security arrangements, e.g., the League of Nations and the United Nations.

5. Given repeated cases of genocide in the 20th century, e.g., the Nazi holocaust, Cambodia under Pol Pot, “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia, Rwanda, and others, analyze the roots of such behavior and explain how “civilized” peoples can become involved in institutionalized mass genocidal murder.

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