HIST007A Pasadena City College The Position of the Judiciary Essay

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Students will then write a three to four-paragraph response (at least 600 words) analyzing their document. Your short essay should have a thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph outlining your interpretation of the document in argument form. Your paper must also provide specific examples from the text, and incorporate at least TWO secondary sources ( you may use the supplemental secondary readings in this module and/or Building the American Republic). To support your thesis and analysis of the source, you should provide relevant context, explain the document’s perspective, analyze what the document is arguing, and discuss what the document reveals about the Constitution and Ratification. Or in other words, you should expand on the questions included in the course’s document worksheet in essay format. You are not pretending to be the document’s author – you are using the document’s point of view as a window into this controversial past event.

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