HIS320 Wilmington Ming Dynasty of China & The Aztec Compare and Contrast Essay

Essay topic:Throughout the early modern period, many civilizations have developed and changed. For this assignment you will compose a compare and contrast essay.

Based on the multi-media resources, websites and textbook readings, please answer the following prompt:

  • Please focus on two civilizations discussed this week, during 1450 – 1750 and develop a compare and contrast essay describing the overall successes, influences and achievements of both.

As per Wilmington University’s writing standards, this essay is to follow all aspects of APA formatting, except the abstract can be exempt. Thus your compare and contrast essay should be between two-three pages (not including the title/reference pages).

Please use the APA & Online Tutoring tools and links provided to you in the Start Here section or menu bar of this course.

The paper must include a strong introduction with an appropriate thesis, a body and a summarizing conclusion. One of your references must be your textbook; the others can come from credible websites.


Must be in APA format

5 paragraps/ two pages long

Topic; Ming Dynasty of China & The Aztec

Here are some of my references please add more;


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