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Point out any similarities and discuss how your development was affected in either a negative or positive way. Compare your takeaways with your classmates’ and suggest additional ways they can support play.

Share your favorite playtime activity with your classmates and explain why it was your favorite.

My favorite playtime activity was when my teacher would allow us to guess the texture, or item that was in a box. When it was your turn, you would have to close your eyes and stick your hand in a box with one item in it. Sometimes it was something easy like a teddy bear, but sometimes it was harder like playdoh or something gooey that would confuse us because it could be a number of things. This game was my favorite because it was fun to see what different items me and my classmates thought we were touching. If we were able to guess 3 right, we would win a prize from the treasure chest.

Describe what you learned from your play and how it enhanced your development as a child.

I learned to use all of my senses to help figure out what was in the box. I could ask my teacher if I could take it out of the box to smell it if it was an item that had a smell. Sometimes it was an animal cracker, or some kind of cookie and she would allow us to taste it as well. It was fun using all of my senses at once and it helped me enhance them knowing how to use them as we played.

Using your own experience with play and the information in the reading, also describe five takeaways from each article that you will use to support play and enhance the development of children under your supervision.

The first takeaway I can use to support play would be “How Adults Can Support Play”. Parents are responsible for allowing the learning and playtime to continue outside of the classroom. It’s very important that parents also allow play time at home and after school so they can see how well their child is progressing with play, or interacting with their child to enhance playing. The second takeaway I can use would be “Stages of Play”. Not every child learns at the same pace as others, therefore these stages help each child become more aware of their surroundings and help them as they play. The third take away I can use would be “Safety Tips”. Every classroom environment should be a safe and secure environment for every child. I would demonstrate safety procedures before each activity so the children knew what they were expected to do. This will also enhance their development by making the children more aware of their surroundings and responsible for their own safety. The forth takeaway I can use would be “Learning to Share is a Process”. Along with safety, the children also need to learn and know how to share when they are working by themselves. Each child will have their own set of utensils to use, but in case they need help from another classmate, everyone should know how to share and that sharing is caring. The fifth and final takeaway I can use would be “School –Age Activities”. I want each student in my classroom to feel like they are able to accomplish a task I am asking them to do without hesitation. I don’t believe in making something extremely hard for the children, and I don’t want them to struggle because they get frustrated and don’t ask for help. By using school age activities, the children will both play and enhance their development at an appropriate speed.

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