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Using the experience from the coglab demonstration and from the information from the article ,write a paper that addresses the following; Explain how the attentional blink relates to attention, analyze how the variation in time influence the probability of seeing the second target letter. Explian the circumstances under which the attentional blink can be eliminated. In the coglab demo, letters were used as targets, the target used can influence the duration of ones attentional blink and whether the attentional blink even occurs. Complete the following tasks: Purpose at least two other targets that could be used to induce the attentional blink, Predict the effect each of your suggested targets would have on duration of ones attentional blink as compared to theCoglab activity you completed. explain the reasoning behind your predictions, present an discuss at least three occupations in which workers performance could be adversely affected by attentonal blink, identify and explain the types of problems or mistakes that might occur in such occupations due to the attentional blink.

several years ago , some vehicle models came with a heads-up display. HUD.instead of looking down at a panel on the dashboard, speed, distance traveled and time appeared to be displayed over the hood of car. discuss this design in terms of divided attention and attentional blink,do you think the design was a good idea?

write a 4 page paper in word using APA standards and citation of source. i will also give you the article info again. it is Livesey,E.J. Harris ,I.M. &Harris J.A. (2009). Attentional changes during implicit learning :Signal validity protects a target stimulus from the attentional blink. Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning Memory, and Cognition, 35 )2),408-408-422. doi:10,1037/a0014525 (ProQuest Document ID:614494049

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