Healthcare Annotated Bibliography, assignment help

Resource: Annotated Bibliography Example
Search the University Library for peer- reviewed research articles related to an administrative health care issue. Publication date from 2011 to present.
See few examples below. Use keywords in the Library for searches to help generate research studies or ideas of interest.

Complete an annotated bibliography with 3 to 5 references to be used in the Learning Team assignment, Components/Utilization of Research in Healthcare, due in Week 3.  

Each bibliography should summarize research to include purpose, question/hypotheses, design/method, sampling technique, data collection method, statistical testing, findings and recommendations.
No direct quotes allowed in bibliography.
Word count:125- to 200 words in length for each bibliography.

Format the assignment according to APA guidelines. Each reference in APA format.
Attached is a sample of how it should be. Thank you

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