Health care crisis

Select a topic connected to your field of study or professional field. When considering topic choices, select topics that fall under the broad umbrella of your field of study. Consider the following examples:  Health care: Current health crisis or controversial medical issue  Security studies: Controversial criminal case, legislation issues, and so forth  Business and management: Trending topics in the corporate world  Computer science and IT: IT and security issues; Prospering or failing technology companies; Controversies related to technology 

Click here for additional information on topics and trending topics. 

Research your topic and provide links to information on that topic from the following locations (one link in each category is required):  Online news outlet (CNN, AP, New York Times, local news online, etc.)  Twitter (you do not need a Twitter account, to search go to: Wiki (to search go to:

Click here for additional information on platforms such as Twitter, Wikis, and News outlets. 

Step 2:

Answer the following questions to compare and contrast the audience, purpose, and credibility of each of your three different sources: 

Analysis of Audience, Purpose, & Source Credibility:  Who is the intended audience for each of the communications?  Online news article: Tweet: Wiki entry: What is the purpose of each of these communications? (to inform, to educate, to entertain, to persuade, etc.)? How effective do you think each communication was in accomplishing the writer’s purpose? Online news article: Tweet: Wiki entry: What is the credibility of each of these communications and why? Are any appropriate for use in an academic setting or professional setting? Why or why not?  Online news article: Tweet: Wiki entry:

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