Having read the Material on the Southwest Core Cultures, assignment help

– answers doesn’t have to be long as long as you answer them correctly.

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Having read the Material on the Southwest Core Cultures – the Mogollon, Hohokam. and Anasazi peoples – respond and discuss the following:

Pick one of the three Cultures mentioned above and discuss what you think were its greatest contributions to life in the “old Southwest” core region. What intrigued you the most? What did you not know that you found interesting? What attributes, life-ways, spiritual beliefs did you noticed similar to the Meso-American Cultures?

NOTE: Keep in mind the harshness of the region and the influences from Meso-America, which we have already studied.



Mississippian and Contact Period….

Having read and listen to the lecture of Mississippian culture and then, the Agricultural revolution of the American Indian…what are your thoughts about the American Indian life-ways compared to Anglo-Europeans upon the eve of contact? What surprised you about American Indian accomplishments that you heretofore did not know? What do you think the Europeans thought upon the arrival to the American shores? Did Europeans portray the American Indian to their Monarch properly?

NOTE> some of this is subjective but go with your first impressions and the facts that have been presented to you.

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