Greatest Good vs. Individualist, health and medicine

“We are in the midst of a longevity revolution. Two thirds of all people who ever lived past 65 are alive today.
At the same time birth rates are declining” (Census Bureau, 2003). “These trends will have profound implications on health, disease, access, and social expectations. If we accept the premise that resources available to meet the costs of healthcare are finite, and that continuing to increase dollars allocated for healthcare carries costs for the nation and society, Discuss and summarize your position on the following.
As national policy should we allocate a set level of resources and apply them to achieving the greatest good for the greatest number OR should we adopt the individualist approach of those who are able to pay for health care have access to the benefits and those who cannot pay won’t have access.
“Requirements of paper:

Cover sheet
APA style formatting
2-3 pages typed paper on subject
References minimum of 3 within 5 years

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