Grantham University Photograph an Ordinary Object Art Project

For this assignment I would like for you to choose one of the following art projects. You will receive full credit just for doing the assignment. My hope is that you will learn art by actually doing art. I also hope these assignments turn out to be just plain fun! For many centuries art was taught as an apprentice activity. Actual participation is still the best way I believe to really understand the practice of art. You may always find help on the internet for art projects. Your projects may look like a grade school project or like an MFA project. You will receive the same grade!!! My goal is simply that you learn art by participating in art!!! And that you learn by having fun!!!

Since you receive full credit just for doing the work, these projects are the next thing to extra credit! I struggled in coming up with points. 25 points is not a lot for the work, compared to a discussion for example. But this is not a studio class. 25 points is a lot, when it adds a perfect score to the 200 points for each week’s lesson. It means you can get a C on a quiz and still get an A for the combined score. Enjoy doing the projects!!! Use your imagination and make things that are interesting, fun, and educational for yourself.

  1. Draw or photograph an ordinary object in an unusual way that will encourage the viewer
    to change his/her perception and view the object in a novel way. Look at Ernst Haas’ photograph, Peeling Paint on Iron Bench, Kyoto, 1981 as an example.

  1. Create a “vanitas” collage, drawing, painting, photo-montage, or assemblage that presents similar ideas or questions about life, time, and death as do the works of Audrey Flack and Juan de Valdés Leal.

After posting on this site, you may go to the Gallery and post so that other students may see your work. The gallery is anonymous.

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