governance section, health and medicine homework help

I need you to go over the three proposals ( just governance part) that attached and write 1 page based on :
what organisations of the US government will run the system (The DoD and the Va in this cases, that will not change) and what persons in the VA/DoD may be responsible for this, you could suggest existing positions already at the DoD or VA (just a brief check on their websites or Wikipedia about each office’s governance) and perhaps propose a joint committee that will monitor the joint DoD/VA system. 2) what is the responsibility, for this group (day-to-day oversight, system maintenance etc) For other guidance, you could look at the project governance sections for proposals 3 and 5 to see how to other groups approached it. My advice would be to use these are a guide and outline for your section here. It doesn’t need to be a long section (my guess about 100 words of that)
Do NOT COPY and PASTE. Please cite your references using AMA.

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