Generalized anxiety disorder,Psychology homework help

Submit a formal review of the literature on Generalized anxiety disorder
APA style
It should be between 3000 and 4000 words (including reference page)
Review a minimum of six articles from peer-reviewed journals.
These articles must be recent – no older than 2011. CBT is one of the most published professional journal topics so this limitation will not be a hardship.
There should be a cohesive theme connecting your selection of papers, illustrating points you wish to make about CBT as a treatment method. In other words, based on the chosen theme of your literature review, evaluate the effectiveness of CBT as a treatment method.
Note: this assignment asks for a literature review, not an annotated bibliography. There are many good online resources for writing literature reviews, such as the following article from Concordia University
Concordia University. (2015). How to write a literature review. Retrieved from…
If you are not certain about your definition of topic, check with the course instructor.
Please review the instructions for uploading assignment files through Turnitin.

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