Films and Movies, writing homework help

Write a 150-word answer for each of the following question:

  • How important is a film’s context to its overall effect? If a film is watched out of context, do you think its meaning would be lost? For example, think of a movie from the decade you were born or another film of your choice, as long as it is at least 10 years old. If the movie was watched now, would it be viewed differently? If so, how?
  • Ch. 11 analyzes Contemporary Film Theory (p. 408). It talks about semiotics and structuralism; psychoanalysis and apparatus theory; feminist, queer, and critical race theory; cultural studies; philosophical approaches; and postmodernism. Discuss one of these key schools of thought within contemporary film theory. Please provide a specific film example.
  • How has this class changed the way you will watch films? Describe your new approach to movie appreciation.
  • Please read ch. 12 and explain the difference between Reviews and Critical Essays. Please provide examples.
  • Please read ch. 12 and specify and explain the elements of a film essay.
  • The best actors are the one who “believe they are the person they are portraying.” This type of acting is also known as “method acting.” Daniel Day-Lewis is considered one of the best actors when “living the character”. He is famous for continue “acting” for the whole length of the shoot (which on a Hollywood movie can last from 2 to 6 months) – when he portrayed Abraham Lincoln on the “Lincoln”, he “acted” as Abraham for months – When he would go back to his trailer/hotel to rest, he continued “on-character”. Here is a great interview with him: Who is your favorite actor and why?
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