Film essay

As the only extra credit planned for this course, will have the opportunity to watch Fyre Fraud write a two-page comparison and response. This assignment will replace one day’s missed points. If you have come to all classes, it will be extra credit equivalent to one full quiz. You must finish Fyre Fraud and watch the film, Fyre, and write and submit your response by 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 20. To date, this is the only planned extra credit opportunity for this course, so my suggestion is if you believe you will benefit from the extra credit at any time during the quarter, you complete this assignment.

Extra Credit Requirements
Paper Title–something that says what the paper is about (should not be simply “Fyre” or “Review”
Demonstration of knowledge of the films. Number the sections

Section 1:

Brief summary of the films in your own words (any evidence of plagiarizing which includes improperly cited information from other sources or work by other people)
Section 2:

How are these documentaries the same?
How are they different?
Formatting requirements:

Two(2)-pages minimum, 3-pages maximum
12pt font Time New Roman
Standard Margins
Sections clearly labeled at “Section 1” and “Section 2”

*These criteria are required to receive credit–papers turned in that do not adhere to this format will receive zero points. Make sure you check your paper before submitting it. There are no exceptions. ALL criteria must be adhered to in order to receive credit.

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