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Please provide a feedback of the following summary. Please respond with 200 words provide thoughtful response. “What is Luck?” by Matthew Hutson presents rational claims to better portray the phenomenon considered as luck. According to paragraph three and four a Psychologist, Karl Tiegen states “One conclusion reached is that “lucky” events are not pleasant. Luck derives not from the absolute value of an outcome but from its relative value”. Tiegen collected data from newspaper sources to later conclude that the most kinds of luck stem from bad events, the relative values of a certain outcome out way the actual events with very few to little exceptions. This Conclusion is what Hutson refers to by providing first hand scenarios of paragraph one: Kokura “The luckiest city in the world.” due to the foggy weather of August 9,1945 ergo forcing the B-29 to target Nagasaki and The German motorcyclist who lived after being impailed by a tree branch after getting hit by a truck. Paragraph two points out that nothing positive happened to the city of Kokura or the German motorist by stateing a metaphor “Luck” is often yoked to terrible, terrible things”. According to professor Tiegen, “Feeling lucky correlates to a feeling of gratitude often associated with the existential kind, The universe, or Fate”

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