Extra Credit Assignment, social science homework help

Instructions for Extra Credit Assignment:

Many students on the clinical track question the purpose of taking a macro-focused course during their MSW program.Utilizing APA format (proper running head, title page, spacing, references, etc.) and citing course readings, write a 2 page paper explaining how you can foresee utilizing content from this course in your future social work career. Focus on what has stood out to you most, as that will likely be what you carry with you going forward, even if it does not apply now.

***Of all the reading assignments for this week, the most interesting topic was the logic model. This subject area has left me with the most questions. From my interpretation, the logic model is a well used tool by program administrators in the social service fields to describe whether or not particular programs are effective. Throughout most of the article, the logic model is depicted as more of a tool used at the highest program level. This reading has left me wondering if this tool could be used on a smaller scale as well. Discussion question: Could this tool be used to describe the effectiveness of one individual treatment plan as opposed to an entire program?

Please follow instruction above and reach out to me with questions , if needed for clarification.

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