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  1. Prepare and submit a 2- to 3-page (not including the title page and the reference page) APA style expository research essay that addresses the following areas. Use the statements below as level I headings in your essay, with the exception of your introduction. Introductions do not have headings in APA style papers.
    1. Introduction — Your first paragraph should be dedicated to introducing your topic and the purpose of this paper. APA style introductions include a clear thesis statement and should convey the main premise of your paper.
    2. General background and overview of this culture — Describe what you learned in your research about this group. Present the general demographics for this group such as approximate total population and any other statistics that might be appropriate and relevant. (You may have to do some extra research on the Internet to find general demographic information. Be sure to document your sources.) Talk about some of the beliefs, values, experiences, traditions, and strengths of this group, especially those that differ from your own. Also search for possible barriers this group may face related to achieving and maintaining healthy, quality lives where they are treated with respect and dignity.
    3. Providing culturally competent case management services — This section of your paper is the heart of this assignment and your opportunity to showcase your critical thinking skills.
      1. Based on what you learned about this culture, what are the most important things for case managers to know about this culture?
      2. Describe specific things case managers should and should not do in order to create a warm and welcoming and “culturally safe” environment for people from this culture or group who wish to utilize case management services.
      3. Imagine that you are interviewing a member of this culture or group. Create two effective strategies for how you will engage your client during the first interview and future sessions.

      Note: Expository essays require the writer to establish a clear viewpoint and purpose for the topic being presented and to sustain and support this with clear and compelling critical thinking, supporting evidence (factual, statistical, or experiential), and appropriate references to relevant academic literature. You should include a minimum of three specific in-text cited references to the article you researched in this section of your paper. These can be direct quotes, paraphrased passages, or summarized ideas from the article that directly supports your main points in this section.

    4. Conclusion and personal reflection — In a paragraph, share what this Assignment has been like for you. Reflect on what you learned about the culture that you researched. How will this knowledge impact you both professionally and personally? Share the most surprising thing you learned about this culture and how it influences your future work as a case manager or other human service professional.

    Paper should include the following:

    • Title page
    • Main body of the paper (2–3 pages, including an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph)
    • Reference page in APA format
    • Correct APA formatting for in-text citations.
    • Free of spelling and grammatical errors.

    You should follow these formatting guidelines in your paper:

    • Use standard margins: 1” on all sides
    • Use standard Times New Roman 12-point font
    • Use standard double spacing
    • Be sure your text is left justified
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