explain a course of action for treatment that may be

JUVENILE CASE STUDIES – TREATMENT AND ETHICS PSY4A1For this assignment, review the Juvenile Case Studies – Treatment and Ethics media piece. Choose one of the case studies, either Kyle or Jessica, to use for your assignment. Describe acts of the case in your own words as needed to complete the paper. (Please do not copy and paste the case study into your paper). You may also want to review Table 2.2 Comparison of the Three Current Major De?nitions of Mental Retardation on page 81 of your Introduction to Forensic Psychology text, which provides an overview of mental IQ.http://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/PSYC2330/CS_T…http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/Write a paper in which you respond to the following:Applying relevant psychology principles and concepts, e. For example, should the forensic psychologist recommend that the individual remain in jail and be charged as an adult, be adjudicated as a juvenile and receive inpatient treatment at a secure facility, or be adjudicated as a juvenile and receive outpatient treatment?Explain how scholarly research findings support your thinking on the course of action for treatment recommended by the forensic psychologist.Consider the ethics of the case study in general, and consider the ethical concerns for the forensic psychologist in the case. Due to the age of the client, explain the ethical issues faced by the forensic psychologist.Apply ethical principles and standards to address the ethical concerns in the selected case study.Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a psychology professional.Use APA style and formatting.Length: 4 double-spaced, typed pages.TermPaperChampions.com is your trusted provider of custom academic papers. Our qualified and highly talented writers are here to complete all your course assignments. Whatever the deadline or level of complexity, you can trust us to deliver.

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