ENGW3304 Northeastern University Medium Composition Proposal

Due Tuesday, August 13, by 11:59pm:

Medium Composition Proposal: Following the guidelines for your scholarly abstract/conference proposal, write a 250-word proposal for a Mediumproject. Connect discourse community and community of practice values and Mediumcomposition genre characteristics to your inquiry topic and previous work and cast your completed work in terms of Medium. Be sure to explain your rhetorical strategy (how you’ll appeal to a public audience) and account for the selectiondecisions going into your composition. Some questions you might address, in this document:

  • What expert knowledge and arguments and values will you bring to the Medium composition?
  • What expertise will you omit?
  • What do you see as the public valueor stake in your inquiry topic?
  • Why should a public reader care about your expertise or interest?
  • How will you convey the importance of your inquiry without “teaching” your reader?

Medium exhibit collection:Create your Medium page and post a link on the appropriate Discussion Board thread. Populate your Medium composition with at least 10 artifacts. You don’t need to include all of these artifacts in your final draft (removing irrelevant or redundant material is part of the revision process), but use this initial population as an occasion for writing. Draft short transition paragraphs announcing your narrative and connecting the artifacts. You might consider this your commentary on what you’re including and why you’re including it; why might a public reader be interested in each artifact, and how will you orient your reader to each artifact? What’s the story of your data/artifacts?

At this stage of the project, it will be most helpful to use the space to figure out how the pieces fit together and what conversation you’re trying to show.

Read the Module 3 peer review guidelines and post any questions to the Course Q+A thread.

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