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First and second person singular and plural language lends itself to informal language and should therefore be avoided in formal academic writings. Furthermore, it should also be avoided in order to keep one’s language more objective and less subjective. For examples of how to eliminate first/second person references view the following screencast: http://vc.adobeconnect.com/p6o0j7lao7y/ (Links to an external site.) Demonstrate what you learned in lecture this week and the screencast above by revising these sentences so that they do not reflect first or second person singular and plural language: 1.You need to avoid foods that are high in fat content. 2.During this class we cannot plagiarize. 3.Our youth today need more attention. 4.Avoiding plagiarism is easy when we use our Turnitin resource. 5.I believe smoking should be banned to help all people. 6.We need publicly funded daycares so that our economy can have a boost. 7.Our nation’s children will benefit from higher education. 8.When we ban smoking in public, we save lives. 9.More laws surrounding gun control are needed to help me feel safer. 10.If you want to increase our economy, you should spend locally. 11.Receiving a higher education is a goal of mine. 12.We as a country need to demand more from our congress. 13.Protect yourselves from secondhand smoke. 14.When we demand lower prices from businesses, we should demand higher quality, too. 15.The world can be changed through steps we take. 16.We need to help ourselves before we can help others. 17.I want to see fewer gun laws governing our land. 18.Legalizing marijuana will lend more problems to our youth. 19.Decriminalizing marijuana is a step in the right direction for your state. 20.If you want to see a decrease in the prison population, we should decriminalize marijuana.

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