ENGL270L WK7 Norwich University Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone Discussion Posts

Discussion Questions for Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone (pp. 1-218) Each post is 200-300 words and are in MLA format, but do not need to be in paper form. They are just THREE separate 200-300 word discussion posts, not a paper. THANKS!

This is the only reference you need to use with opinions as well:

Beah, I. A Long Way Gone. 2007. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

1. War is a potentially stressful experience for those involved: combatants, support staff, medical personnel, civilians, etc. How might such a difficult experience make it hard for people involved to remember details from their wartime experiences correctly? Think back to Vonnegut’s novel and our discussions of it. Can it offer any help with these questions?

2. Beah pays a lot of attention to the natural world. How does he incorporate references to or descriptions of nature into his narrative? Give an example and analyze what it adds to the text.

Beah’s narrative follows a common trajectory in narratives about war: he discusses how he moves from a state of innocence to one of experience. At the beginning he is living a normal life, which is suddenly and forever destroyed when the civil war comes to his area of Sierra Leone. What is Beah’s life like at the beginning, and how does he respond to the sudden change of circumstances? How does he survive and begin to adapt to his new environment? How does he eventually regain his humanity?

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