ENG2211 Troy University The Wonders of the Invisible World Response

Please describe for me what Cotton Mather means in the following passage from The Wonders of the Invisible World. In your response, please think about how this passage fits into the American context of what Puritans believed and why they were so intent on settling and subduing this “new” land. Be as textual and specific as you can be.

“The New Englanders are a people of God settled in those, which were once the devil’s territories; and it may easily be supposed that the devil was exceedingly disturbed, when he perceived such a people accomplishing the promise of old made unto our blessed Jesus, that He should have the utmost parts of the earth for His possession.


main idea (also called the topic sentence of a paragraph–each paragraph has only one main idea in academic writing)

cited evidence (quotes from the literature and/or facts cited from the additional resources–not: all evidence must be cited in MLA format)

analysis (where you explain for the reader how and why the main idea and cited evidence fit together to support your over-arching thesis, the point you’ll argue in answer to each of our questions and essays in the class.

Reading: https://librivox.org/the-wonders-of-the-invisible-…

does not need to be super long, this is just a discussion post. Thank you!

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