ENG1020 PG Community Greasy Lake and Things They Carried Reading Paper

In “Greasy Lake,” why do these teen boys want to be bad? If you look at our pop culture, is it true that boys are hyper-masculinized? They must be like super heros and save the world from danger and evil. They must be strong, daring, etc. Does this or how does this concept influence this “bad” behavior? Can “bad” be good?

In “The Things They Carried” the one soldier often comments, the one that seems to “have lost it” or is psychopathic, “There is a moral here.” Is there a moral? Consider what these guys carry, both emotional and physical, is there a connection? Please explain.

Please ponder these questions and write a one- or two-paragraph response (about 200-250 words) each for each reading. Please no outside source accept the reading link given

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