ENG101 University of Missouri Factors That Led To Racial Disparities in Drug Sentencing Paper

  • Write an essay in which you explain how the historical factors that led to racial disparities in drug sentencing and incarceration are still relevant today. Please cite at least 3 different sources from the reading packet in your response. Do not cite sources outside the reading packet.

  • Do NOT include any personal information. [The RooWriter assessment is double-blind; Evaluators should NOT know who you are.]
  • Do NOT provide a header or essay title or include an abstract.
  • You MUST make sure the word count of your essay has met the length requirement in the ESSAY WORD COUNT box below. Not all tools and applications have the same word count algorithm. Do NOT rely on the word count from another tool or application when submitting your RooWriter essay.
  • Before submitting, make the type font size uniform in both the Essay and Works Cited text boxes.
  • Work around any lack of sophisticated word processor features. For example: To indent the first line of a paragraph hit the space bar five times; and so on.
  • We assume that you have critically read ALL the articles in your Reading Packet, even though you are only required to cite from at least three of them to support your argument. Our evaluations are based on your knowing the ENTIRE collection of articles.
  • In the Works Cited section below, you must use the Citation Style specified by your chosen Reading Packet.
  • APA
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